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About Midwest Youth Services

Midwest Youth Services was established in 1978 to assist youth in overcoming problem situations. Our mission is to divert youth from the juvenile justice and child welfare systems while helping to strengthen and restore families.

We want kids to grow up happy and healthy in a strong family. We want to help families before problems become too large or very difficult.

Using a Positive Youth Development approach, we provide community-based services that promote social, emotional, environmental and developmental health and growth through prevention, intervention and treatment.

All services are free and completely confidential.

Referrals are accepted from all sources including schools, law enforcement and family members. Self referrals are also welcome.

Caring, qualified staff work with parents and youth who may be in conflict. We help young people and their parents talk together and find ways to settle their differences. We help families establish a system of rules and rewards that reflect the social and legal rights and responsibilities of parents and youth.

We assist youth in addressing school, peer or developmental issues. Using a ‘strengths’ perspective, case managers provide support while helping to clarify problems and identify possible solutions. Youth clarify their values and set goals for their futures.

Services are provided without regard to religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, handicap or national origin.

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