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Helpful Websites

Mindfulness Tips
Being mindful means paying attention to the present moment, exactly as it is. It is really hard to be anxious if you are completely focused on the present moment – what you are sensing and doing RIGHT NOW … and NOW … and NOW.

Coping Skills
We’ve created a ​document ​with all 99 of these skills for your reference. Save or print it out and take it with you so you’ll always remember ​​them!

National Runaway Safeline
The National Runaway Safeline is the federally designated national runaway and homeless youth crisis hotline and online service in the United States.

Anger Management Tips
Is your temper hijacking your life? These tips and techniques can help you get anger under control and express your feelings in healthier ways.

Parenting Troubled Teens
Troubled teenagers have a lot going on. These are tips on how you can help.

How to Write a Home Rules Contract
A Home Rules Contract is a written set of expectations that adults have of their teens (and preteens). The contract includes basic rules, consequences and privileges.

Bullying Resources
Teach kids how to identify bullying and how to stand up to it safely.

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