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Information for Parents

We want kids to grow up happy and healthy in a strong family. We want to help families before problems become too large or very difficult.

Midwest Youth Services provides support for children in crisis as well as their families. Our qualified personnel are available to support youth during crises twenty-four hour a day. Our services are free and confidential. We are here to help you and your child when you need it most.

Family Communication Tips

We have tips available for you to use to help improve your relationship with your child and with your family. Put these somewhere everyone sees them frequently. Look through them and decide which tips are most helpful for your particular situation.

ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights

It’s extraordinarily difficult for children and their families when a child receives an ADHD diagnosis. This is a valuable resource that might help you as a parent understand your child’s perspective when suffering from ADHD.

Residential Placements In Illinois

This is a list of organizations that provide residential placements for children when that resource is needed.

Helpful Websites

There are available resources that can help you and your family in a variety of different scenarios.

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